Sell Sheets


Sell Sheet

BOSS 125 Multi-Seal Building Construction Sealant

BOSS 231 Sealant / Adhesive

BOSS 241 Roof Cement Roof & Gutter Sealant

BOSS 338 Flexible Foam Flexible Foam Gun Grade

BOSS 355 Caulk General Purpose Latex

BOSS 370 Silicone - HVAC HVAC Silicone Sealant

BOSS 389 Silicone Marine Silicone

BOSS 399 Silicone Neutral Cure Silicone Glazing Sealant

BOSS 400 COLORS COLORS Siding Window & Metal Roof Sealant
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BOSS 535 Polyurethane Multi-Purpose Polyurethane Sealant

BOSS 812 Fireblock Foam Fire Block Foam Genius Gun

BOSS 813 Firestop Foam Expanding Firestop Foam

BOSS 814 Firestop Intumescent Latex Firestop Sealant

BOSS 816+ Firestop Intumescent Firestop sealant

BOSS 822 Joint-Sealant Joint-Sealant

BOSS 826 Acoustical Acoustical Smoke and Sound Sealant