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Product Name

Container Size

Qty Each (not cases)


BOSS® 100 available in 29 oz cartridge

BOSS® 125 available in cartridge

BOSS® 136 available in cartridge

BOSS® 139 available in cartridge

BOSS® 140 available in cartridge

BOSS® 150 available in cartridge

BOSS® 165 available in cartridge

BOSS® 180 available in cartridge

BOSS® 185 available in cartridge

BOSS® 200 available in cartridge

BOSS® 231 available in cartridge

BOSS® 310 available in cartridge

BOSS® 312 available in cartridge

BOSS® 315 available in cartridge, 1oz tube, 3oz tube, 3oz blister card, pressure can

BOSS® 323 available in pressure can

BOSS® 325 available in cartridge

BOSS® 326 available in cartridge, 3 oz tube, 3 oz blister card, 12 oz tube, pressure can

BOSS® 333 available in gun grade, 12oz straw grade, 24oz straw grade, Genius Gun

BOSS® 334 available in gun grade, straw grade, Genius Gun

BOSS® 335 available in aerosol can

BOSS® 336 available in gun grade

BOSS® 337 available in gun grade

BOSS® 338 available in gun grade

BOSS® 339 available in gun grade

BOSS® 350 available in cartridge

BOSS® 355 available in cartridge

BOSS® 357 available in cartridge

BOSS® 360 available in cartridge

BOSS® 362 available in tube

BOSS® 363 available in cartridge

BOSS® 364 available in cartridge

BOSS® 365 available in cartridge

BOSS® 368 available in cartridge

BOSS® 370 available in cartridge, pressure can

BOSS® 376 available in cartridge, pressure can

BOSS® 378 available in cartridge

BOSS® 380 available in cartridge

BOSS® 385 available in cartridge

BOSS® 387 available in cartridge, quart

BOSS® 388 available in cartridge

BOSS® 389 available in cartridge

BOSS® 393 available in cartridge

BOSS® 395 available in cartridge

BOSS® 396 available in cartridge

BOSS® 398 available in cartridge

BOSS® 399 available in cartridge

BOSS® 400 available in cartridge

BOSS® 401 available in cartridge

BOSS® 535 available in cartridge

BOSS® 615 available in aerosol can

BOSS® 635 available in aerosol can

BOSS® 638 available in 29oz gun foam

BOSS® 760 available in cartridge

BOSS® 801 available in cartridge, 3oz blister card

BOSS® 802 available in cartridge

BOSS® 804 available in cartridge

BOSS® 810 available in cartridge, sausage, quart

BOSS® 812 available in gun grade, straw grade, Genius Gun

BOSS® 813 available in 12oz straw grade, 24oz straw grade

BOSS® 814 available in cartridge, sausage, quart

BOSS® 815 available in 4" x 2" x ¼", 4" x 4" x ¼"

BOSS® 816 available in cartridge, sausage

BOSS® 817 available in ¼" x 1" x 12', ¼" x 2" x 12'

BOSS® 818 available in 7" x 7" x ⅛" pad

BOSS® 819 available in 2, 3 or 4 inch collar

BOSS® 820 available in 1 oz tube, 3 oz tube, 5.3 oz tube, fishbowl

BOSS® 821 available in 4 oz tube

BOSS® 826 available in quart

BOSS® 840 available in cartridge

BOSS® 850 available in cartridge

BOSS® 851 available in cartridge

BOSS® 891 available in 15 oz squeeze bottle

BOSS® 892 available in tub

BOSS® 893 available in tub

BOSS® 894 available in tub


Product Name

Qty Each (not cases)

BOSS® 100 Multi-Seal® sell sheet

BOSS® 125 Multi-Seal® sell sheet

BOSS® 140 Multi-Seal® sell sheet

BOSS® 150 Multi-Seal® sell sheet

BOSS® 165 Multi-Seal® sell sheet

BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal® sell sheet

BOSS® 185 Multi-Seal® sell sheet

BOSS® 231 Adhesive/Sealant sell sheet

BOSS® 333 Gap Filling Foam sell sheet

BOSS® 334 Minimal Expanding Foam sell sheet

BOSS® 338 Flexible Foam sell sheet

BOSS® 339 Black Foam sell sheet

BOSS® 355 General Purpose Latex sell sheet

BOSS® 370 HVAC Silicone Pressure Can sell sheet

BOSS® 393 Gutter Seal sell sheet

BOSS® 396 Window & Siding Silicone sell sheet

BOSS® 400 COLORS Siding Window & Metal Roof Sealant sell sheet

BOSS® 401 COLORS Paintable Siding Sealant sell sheet

BOSS® 535 Polyurethane sell sheet

BOSS® 635 Spray Adhesive sell sheet

BOSS® 635C Contact Adhesive sell sheet

BOSS® 638 Subfloor Adhesive sell sheet

BOSS® 639 Drywall Adhesive sell sheet

BOSS® 812 Fire Block Foam sell sheet

BOSS® 813 Expanding Firestop Foam sell sheet

BOSS® 820/821 Spa Lubricants sell sheet

BOSS® 892 Industrial Wipes sell sheet

BOSS® 893 Dual-Sided Abrasive Wipes sell sheet

BOSS® 894 Biodegradable Wipes sell sheet

BOSS® Firestop brochure

BOSS® Foams brochure

BOSS® Hardscape sell sheet

BOSS® HVAC/R brochure

BOSS® Industrial / Construction brochure

BOSS® Insulators brochure

BOSS® Marketing Support brochure

BOSS® Plumbing & Heating brochure

BOSS® Pool & Spa brochure

BOSS® Pressure Can sell sheet

BOSS® Siding, Window & Roofing brochure

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