BOSS® 185 Multi-Seal® Fast Cure, Quick Grab Adhesive

A one component, high performance adhesive/sealant formulated with USP™ technology. Provides excellent durability, maximum adhesive strength and is VOC compliant in 50 states. It is color stable and UV resistant (non-yellowing) and contains no isocyanates solvents halogens or acids. It is a moisture curing sealant that remains flexible, even at low temperatures with quick grab strength and excellent adhesion to various substrates such as aluminum, steel, glass, wood, brick concrete, mirrors and many plastics. It is also paintable with most latex paints.

  • Fast Cure
  • Quick Grab
  • Formulated with USP™ Technology
  • VOC Compliant
  • UV resistant and color stable
  • Paintable with most latex paints
  • Can be applied on wet surfaces

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